24 Apr 2015

How to pray namaz for ladies

howpraynamaz.blogspot.com is the best place for getting knowledge about How to Pray Namaz For Ladies.Every muslim know there is a very big difference in Men and Women Prayer.So, in this article you learn How To Pray Namaz For ladies And difference between men and women Salah.Salah is the major form of worship that a Muslim offers five times a day regularly.Allah Almighty says:
''O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (2:153).
Therefore, a Muslim must use prayers as a means of invocation and ask Allah Almighty for help and assistance in any difficulty or worry. 
Difference between Ladies and Men's Salah

1) Men raise there hands the distance to the ear for Takbeer while ladies raise their hands just up to their shoulders.
2) In Qayam (the standing carriage) Men put their hands underneath Navel while ladies put their hands on their midsection.

3) Men get a handle on their wrist while ladies don't. They just place right hand on the highest point of left with fingers in place together.

4 ) In Ruku (the bowing carriage) Men's back is level while ladies assume to twist their back just sufficiently far to touch their knees. Looking from far it will resemble a bow curve. They won't straighten their back.

5 ) In Sajdah men's back segment is raised from ground and hands separated from body and fingers of feet turned while ladies assume to be accumulated in a manner so that all their body parts are near one another and stomach area set over her thighs.Both feet and lower legs standing out to one side. Lower bit of back touching the ground.

6 ) During Jalsa and Qaida (sitting in the middle of Sajdah and amid Attahyat) men sit to their left side lower leg and their right foot's fingers are bent while ladies sit on floor and their both lower legs and feet standing out towards right hand side.