4 Jul 2015

How To Pray Farz Namaz

Farz Namaz  means  Obligatory namaz that we would not missed in any condition.In All prayers we have Farz such as in Fajr Namaz there are two Farz Rakat.See the given image for more information.
For More information about how topray farz namaz see our post How to pray namaz.I think you find every thing here.
There are some actions that farz(Obligatory) in Namaz.
Takbeer-e-Tahrima - meaning the first 'Allah-o-Akbar' (or any other word which would praise Allah) with which the Namaz begins
Qayaam - meaning to stand until the Farz Qiraayat is completed
Qiraayat - meaning to pray at least one verse of the Holy Quran
Rukooh - meaning to bend so that that the hands reach the knees
Sujood - meaning the forehead to firmly touch the ground and at least one toe on each foot to be flat so that it's base is touching the ground and it's tip is pointing towards the Qibla
Qaidah-e-Akhira - meaning when the Rakats of Namaz are completed to sit for the duration it takes so the whole of Tashahhud (attahiyat) is completed until 'Rusooluh'
Khurooj-e-Be'sunoo'i - meaning after Qaida-e-Akhira to perform an action with which the Namaz would finish, whether that be Salaam or to talk etc.
Order of Farz, Wajib. Sunnat and Mustahhab.

Some actions are Farz (mandatory) and hence without performing these the Namaz won't number. A few activities are Wajib (vital) and in this way to intentionally miss them is a wrongdoing and it would be fundamental (Wajib) to rehash the Namaz and on the off chance that they are missed by mix-up then a 'Sijdah-e-Sahoo' would need to be performed toward the end. Some are Sunnat-e-Maukida and hence to make a propensity for missing them is a transgression and some are Mustahhab and accordingly to perform will pick up prizes and to miss won't be a wrongdoing.