11 Jul 2015

The Names 25 Prophets Mentioned In The Quran

The Islamic meaning of a Prophet is somebody who has been picked and supported by Allah Pak to pass on his message to the individuals on earth and to acquire them to accept and venerate only him. 
In Islam there are two sorts of Prophets, Nabi and Rasul. 
The contrasts in the middle of Nabi and Rasul; 
1. A Rasul was an emissary of Allah who was given another Shariat (codes of law) from Him. What's more, a Nabi was additionally the ambassador of Allah, however he was not given any new Shariat and took after the shariat of prior Rasul. "Each emissary is a Prophet [Nabi], however not every Prophet is a Rasul [Apostle]. All Rasuls were Nabi yet all Nabis were not Rasuls. 

2. A Prophet is dependably a Nabi by conception, however a Prophet get to be Rasul when he authoritatively gets the post and pronounces it. Case in point, our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was Nabi by conception, yet got to be Rasul when he authoritatively got and conveyed the message of Risalat at 40 years old. 
3. The Rasul [Apostle] gets the message from Allah Pak in various behavior, for example, vision amid rest, direct correspondence with blessed messengers when he is conscious. i.e., he can see and identify with the blessed messengers amid correspondence of Heavenly message. In any case, the Nabi [Prophet] varies from the Rasul in that he doesn't see the holy messengers when alert yet sees amid rest. 
Islam has 124000 Prophets. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)was the last and most prominent of them. 
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