10 Jul 2015

The Final Messenger Of God

The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was born on 12 Rabi-ul-Awal i.e. 20 April 570 A.D., on Monday in Makkah. His dad Hazrat Abdullah died before his introduction to the world in this way; his granddad Hazarat Abdul Mutalib brought him under his consideration. 
When he was six years of age, his mom Hazrat Amina passed on and following two years his granddad additionally terminated. At that point his uncle Hazrat Abu Talib assumed control over his guardianship. 
His (S.A.W) Own Appearance.

Allah's last Errand person Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) was of medium tallness. He (S.A.W) was thin and without distending stomach. He (S.A.W) had an extensive head, wide midsection and wide shoulders. His (S.A.W) composition was whitish reasonable and he had an expansive brow. His (S.A.W) eyes were dark and eye foreheads were fine, thin and angled. His (S.A.W) teeth were splendid white and when he was glad, he just grinned. 
Over his back, between his (S.A.W) two shoulders, he (S.A.W) had a dull cocoa patch, which is said to be showing the indication of "The Seal of Prophets". 
He (S.A.W) generally kept his body and garments clean and clean. He (S.A.W) used to wear straightforward garments and wanted to utilize aroma. He (S.A.W) ate little; rested little and talked little. He (S.A.W) was honest, true, modest, mild-mannered and magnanimous who used to live and look after others. He (S.A.W) cherished the youths and regarded his senior citizens. All in all, he (S.A.W) had an uncommonly great identity. 

He (S.A.W) cherished appealing to Allah Pak notwithstanding amid his (S.A.W) childhood and pre-adulthood. He (S.A.W) generally talked truth and never told an untruth. In the season of lack of awareness, Muhammad (S.A.W), strolled upright and straight and won from the populace of Makkah the name of "Reliable" 

As Muslims we ought to comply with the teachings of our adored Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). He (S.A.W) was the main man with every one of the characteristics of a flawless Muslim and he (S.A.W) is the ideal model of a person for the whole humankind.
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