27 Aug 2015

616 Road Accidents In Punjab During Last 24 Hours

ISLAMABAD (Online) – Upwards of 616 street mischances were accounted for in Safeguard 1122's Commonplace Observing Cell in every one of the 37 Regions of Punjab amid the most recent 24 hours. 
Four persons were lost amid auto collisions in diverse locale of Punjab and 516 genuine harmed were moved to distinctive doctor's facilities of significant region. 

Nearly 221 casualties supporting minor wounds were given emergency treatment on the spot. 

As indicated by information 278 drivers, 13 underage drivers, 106 walkers and 357 travelers were among the casualties of the street mischances. 

The insights demonstrate 151 mischances were accounted for in Lahore Control Room, which influenced 151 persons setting the commonplace capital at top of the rundown took after by 47 in Faisalabad with 61 casualties, and Gujranwala at third position with 46 mishaps and 48 casualties. 

Points of interest further demonstrate that aggregate 741 casualties were influenced by street car accidents including 587 guys and 154 females, while age gathering of the casualties demonstrate that 88 were under 18 year of age, 492 were somewhere around 18 and 40 year and rest of the 161 casualties were accounted for over 40 years. 

As indicated by the information, 499 motorbikes, 78 auto rickshaws, 64 motorcars, 35 vans, 10 traveler transports, 16 trucks and 76 different sorts of auto vehicles and moderate moving trucks were included in previously stated street car crashes.

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