11 Jul 2015

The Angels Of Allah

Just Allah knows the quantity of angels. There is no reasonable data about the quantity of heavenly attendants in the Qur'an and hadiths. In any case, it is feasible for us to say that they are significantly more than we can check based upon hadiths. Besides, as per the news given by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH); a heavenly attendant goes to the earth with a drop of downpour and its turn does not come back once more. We can extend the well known holy messengers and their obligations as takes after; 
Gabriel (PBUH): The Chief heavenly messenger (A.S) 
Gabriel (A.S) is one of the four biggest holy messengers. He is selected to pass on disclosures to the prophets by Allah. In three spots of the Qur'an, His name is Jibril.
In addition, He is said in verses as the soul, rasulun karim, ruh al-Amin and ruh al-qudus". Notwithstanding these, in one of the hadiths, he is called "a namus". 

The Holy messenger of Soor (The Trumpet): Hz. Israfel (A.S) 

The holy messenger that will blow the trumpet is called Israfel. His name is said among the four incredible holy messengers in the hadiths. Israfel will blow two times, in the first, the Doomsday will happen and in the second blowing, the revival will happen. On account of this obligation of him, He is known as the heavenly attendant of Soor (the Trumpet). At the point when the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was gotten some information about the way of the trumpet, he replied: "A horn that is blown" (Ahmad b. Hanbal, II, 196). 

The prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said that "Israfel is anticipating the request of blowing while He gets a handle on the trumpet". (Tabari Jami-ul Bayan, VII, 211; Ibn Kathir, Tafsiru'l-Qur'an-il Azim, Egypt, n.d. II, 276) 

The Heavenly attendant of Death: Hz. Azrael (A.S) 

His obligation is to get a handle on the souls of individuals whose demise times have come. He is called as "Malak-ul Mawt", that is, the blessed messenger of death. 

Say: "The Holy messenger of Death, put responsible for you, will (appropriately) take your souls: then might ye be taken back to your Master." (Surah as-Sajda) 

The Holy messenger that controls the occasions in this domain: Hz. Mikail (A.S) (Michael) 

He is one of the best holy messengers of four and He is in charge of the pouring of downpour, the blowing of the wind, normal occasions, for example, the requesting of seasons and the administration of supplications of the made creatures. He is just said in one spot of the Qur'an. Hz. Mikail is the heavenly attendant that deals with the awesome work of expressions that are planted on the field of earth with the force of Allah and His request. 

The heavenly attendants of Kiraman Katibin 

It is the names of the blessed messengers who are specialist on the privilege and left of people. The holy messenger on the privilege is in charge of recording the great deeds and behavior; the heavenly attendant on the left is in charge of recording the terrible deeds and conduct. "The holy messengers who are additionally called Hafaza will go to as witnesses of the deeds of people in the Day of Judgment amid retribution. 

The Blessed messengers of Muqarrabun 

The blessed messengers who are known asIlliyyun and Karubbiyyun are in charge of celebrating Allah, are near to Him and have a commended place before Allah. 

"The individuals who support the Throne (of Allah) and those around it sing Wonderfulness and Acclaim to their Ruler; have confidence in Him; and entreat pardoning for the individuals who accept." (Surah Ghafir, 7) 

Munkar - Nakir Holy messengers: 

They are the holy messengers that question man after he kicks the bucket in the grave. The expressions of "Munkar" and "Nakir" implies obscure, unrecognized and unaccustomed. They are called by thusly on the grounds that they go to the dead in a manner that he/she has not seen some time recently. These two blessed messengers address the dead by inquiries as takes after and treat them as indicated by the answers that they get: Who is your ruler? Who is your prophet? What is your book? 

There are a bigger number of heavenly attendants than said here. In hadiths, there are heavenly attendants who rouses man the privilege and truth, dive on the earth when the Qur'an is recounted, who are profound herders of creatures on earth, who oversee mists, make the sound of thunder et cetera.